$0 down Financing

Nowadays there are several ways to go solar for $0 down. Integrity Solar Solutions offers a multitude of financing and leasing options to be able to go solar without having to pay anything out of pocket. 

We would definitely recommend owning your own system and we have several institutions that offer solar subsidized loans with the lowest interest rates available. Usually these rates are lower than what you can get at your local bank.

For more information on solar loan financing and to see what options of ours that you can qualify for, please click on the 'Free Evaluation' button below.


Utility Credits

Integrity Solar Solutions will assign a project manager for your solar panels and will handle all the utility and local paperwork and applications for you.

One of the most important applications that is handled is the utility interconnection. This is the process of having the utility CREDIT you for the energy that you produce.

Integrity Solar has a relationship with all the local utility companies including Orange and Rockland Utility, Central Hudson, PSEG, JCPL and more. Your Project manager handles this and any other related paperwork for you to get the most out of your solar system. 


Top Warranties

Integrity Solar Solutions works with top brand name tech companies to off the highest rated, industry leading warranties available.

From every aspect of the solar system including the inverter, panels and monitoring, Integrity Solar uses proven products and global brands that can uphold and honor product and labor warranties for years to come.


System Monitoring

Integrity Solar Solutions is partnered with SolarEdge technologies, the premier inverter and monitoring software to be able to track your production.

The solar system owner will be given access to the monitoring so that you can track how much energy your system is producing and how much money you are saving. The data is cumulatively saved so you can count the total amount of energy you have produced since day one of your system being turned on.

Integrity Solar Solutions also tracks the individual production of each panel on all the systems installed to ensure that your system is performing optimally.



Using the latest and most accurate shade mapping tools available, Integrity Solar Solutions system output production estimates are guaranteed. We can be extremely accurate when designing these system and can stand behind our production guarantees.

Our customers can rest assured that the solar systems installed on their residential property or commercial building will produce the energy that they need.


Tax Credit Preparation

Integrity Solar Solutions' project manager will also work with you or your accountant to ensure that you receive ALL the tax incentives that you are eligible for. Depending on your region, you may also be eligible for performance based incentives or even MACRS depreciation tax incentives if you are a business.

Regardless of any and all tax, performance or business incentives available, Integrity Solar Solutions can apply for all the incentives our clients are eligible for on their behalf. 

After your consultation and assessment we will know which of the incentives you are eligible for and for how much.