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Were Solar panels worth it 4 years later?

Monroe, NY

October 10th, 2021

Located near Crane Park (the ponds) in Monroe, NY these solar panels were installed almost 4 years ago on the Wallace Family Residence. Were solar panels worth it?

Back in 2018, the Wallace family inquired about solar. Shortly after, their system was installed by Integrity Solar Solutions. After years of producing energy, here are the results:

Lifetime Electricity Produced: 41,770 kwh with an avg. Orange and Rockland bill savings of $220 per month. After reviewing yearly and monthly production, the solar panels have actually produced more every year so far. (see charts below from their system diagnostic report). There has been minimal to no degradation and the system has actually made more energy year over year on average. How is that possible? That could be due to quality panels and installation, but it can also be caused by a warmer yearly avg temperature. It's likely a combination of both. The Wallace family also received a significant tax credit of $9,276, one year after their installation. Integrity Solar Solutions assisted with this by preparing the tax paperwork and attaching all the necessary documentation for the Wallace's accountant during tax season. The solar panels have been a viable and effective way for the Wallace family to reduce their yearly utility bills. And the solar panels are warrantied for another 21 years. The system is still 4 years young and at the 10 year mark Integrity Solar Solutions plans to perform another follow up report to summarize the performance and savings of the system and Integrity Solar is actively monitoring the system for errors and faults. See the charts below from the Wallace Family system diagnostic report:

Integrity Solar Solutions is the best solar panel company in the area, according to local reviews and ratings. With a 5 star average rating on multiple review sites (Google, Angie's List, EnergySage etc.) Integrity Solar continues to live up to it's reputation. Call John to ask some general questions and get information: 845-584-3100.


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