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Top 5 Solar panels in 2019

Number 1: Panasonic Solar Panels

Manufactured in Buffalo, NY

Panasonic is rated number one on this list due to an extremely good quality panel which has an equal efficiency to SunPower Panels. Panasonic panels have reached as high as 21.7% efficiency and the main reason Panasonic is number 1 on this list is not just the quality of the solar panel, but also reputation and reliability of the company as well. They score extremely well on value compared to SunPower as they are slightly cheaper on average. Panasonic has earned a reputation as one of the most dependable electronics brands in the world, worth billions, and is much more likely to invest and honor their product warranties and replace any faulty products quickly than other companies with less value and global reputation.

Number 2: LG Solar Panels

Manufactured in: South Korea

LG Solar panels have an efficiency between 18% and 19.5%. This is in the top 10% of solar panels made. LG is also rated highly due to the strength of the brand, LG Electronics. They are a multi-national conglomerate well known for building high quality electronics products like TV's and appliances. Many households likely have one or more LG products in their kitchen or living room. They are one of the most valued electronics brands in the world. Some of the different brand lines of solar panels they produce are the LG Neon panels and LG Mono plus.

Number 3: Canadian Solar Panels

Manufactured in: Indonesia and Brazil

Canadian solar panels are very good quality panels with top efficient reaching up to 18.5%. Canadian solar panels are an excellent value and are common in commercial solar panel installations as they provide excellent prices while still having good value and efficiency in the manufacturing process. They have a stable financial position in the global solar panel market and are known for excellent quality control.

Number 4: SunPower Solar Panels

Manufactured in: Malaysia, Philippines and New Mexico

SunPower holds the record for the highest efficiency for solar panels having reached 22%.(Panasonic has only reached 21.7%). They are one of the most widely used residential solar panels in America with their X Series solar panels. They also make a commercial panel called the P-Series for commercial applications. SunPower Solar panels are the best available to residential customers in terms of both efficiency and also in terms of temperature coefficient. The reason that SunPower is not number 1 on this list is because of their premium markup for their panels. The price on average for these panels are 25-30% more than others.

Number 5: Hyundai Solar Panels

Manufactured in: South Korea

Hyundai cars and Hyundai solar panels have many similarities. The Hyundai brand touts strong value and offers attractive warranties whilst providing extremely low rates and prices. In terms of value for the money, this brand is extremely affordable for solar. Hyundai, based in South Korea is one of the oldest panel manufacturers around. They strive to provide good efficiency and have invested 20 million USD on research and development to boost their panel quality. Hyundai gives a 10 year product and 25 year performance warranty.

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john merriam
john merriam
Jan 10, 2019

Interesting article. This is a great reference to help homeowners who are searching for the most value in a purchase.


Kevin Cortez
Kevin Cortez
Jan 09, 2019

Great article! Really good information and definitely something I will take into account when I switch to solar.

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