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Clean, Renwable Energy for the Next 30 Years!y

As a new homeowner of under a year, Nurpesh was very excited to go solar this past winter. With a large family, and the addition of a brand-new electric vehicle, his electric bill was continuing to increase. Nurpesh reached out to Integrity Solar while searching google for local, reputable solar installers.After a review of his electric bill, cost savings analysis, and a customized system design, Nurpesh was ready and eager to make the switch to solar. We were able to include an EV charger with his solar system so that he could charge his new Tesla at no additional cost. Integrity Solar Solutions is proud to deliver an ethical and reliable solar installation for the Patel family. This system will generate clean, renewable energy for the next 30 years.

“John and the entire team did a great job! High quality work and best value too.”

– Nurpesh Patel

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