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Summer Brings Higher Electric Bills. We're Here To help!

Homeowners in NY and NJ can expect electric bills to increase with the summer months approaching. Integrity Solar has been providing a full virtual educational process to enable customers to sign up for our $0 money down programs without ever having to meet with a consultant. Here is a step by step virtual process that Integrity Solar has used to enable qualified homeowners in your area go solar:

Step 1: Schedule a day and time for your 20 minute virtual assessment using the calendar link below

Step 2: Integrity Solar will email you a link to an online meeting

Step 3: Our consultant will ensure you are fully educated on the benefits of the program for you to make an educated decision if solar makes sense for you and your family.

Step 4: Review the application with our consultant and reserve your spot in line for a summer installation!

Click here to schedule a virtual assessment with John today!


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