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Solar Wildlife Conservation

We'll be discussing the Mojave Desert in particular in this piece, but note that solar energy should be available to assist all walks of life.

The Mojave Desert sometimes experiences "super blooms", according to Vox. And at other times throughout the year, apparently, its "fragile ecosystem" can make it look like the moon. One would think however, that according to our sources, "Under the punishing sun" would seem like the best place to build and maintain solar panel farms.

Miles of desert are already home to solar farms, and Vox says that more are being built. "More than 4,600 square miles of land is projected to be covered by solar installations by 2030," Vox mentions.

Building solar panel installations could be the answer to many woes we're facing as a society, but the business of solar installation has to be handled with the utmost care. They cannot be places haphazardly.

One scientist explains that currently, there are many projects that are "looking for ways that solar installations can better protect - and potentially even improve - local ecosystems."


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