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Solar Terraboxes

Have you heard of terraboxes? According to Interesting Engineering, "These boxes fight climate change and could one day be sent to the Moon, Mars, and beyond."

A startup called Maana Electric, which is based in Luxembourg, is projecting to send "small warehouse container-like boxes" - that are most certainly capable of building solar panels ONLY using electricity and grains of sand - to deserts on Earth. The point is to help fight climate change.

If that goes well, Maana Electric is said to attempt to breach "the final frontier" by sending its boxes to space, including but not limited to the Moons, Mars and...beyond! Maana Electric would like to assist future colonies in outer space with their energy requirements.

So, what is a Terrabox really? According to the company, a Terrabox "is a fully automated factory, capable of producing solar panels using only sand and electricity as inputs."


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