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Solar Tax Credit Federal & New York State Tax Forms

Solar Tax Credit Federal & New York State Tax Forms

When homeowners go solar in 2022, they are eligible to receive a 26% federal tax credit. This is a dollar-for-dollar physical return on their tax dollars. Homeowners that switch to Solar in New York also receive a 25% New York State tax credit up to a maximum of $5,000. Homeowners living in any of the New York City Boroughs you will also receive a 20% Property Tax Abatement.

Necessary Federal ITC Forms

The Federal ITC is a form F5695 “Residential Energy Credits

Necessary New York State Tax Forms

The New York State tax form is a form IT-255 “Claim for Solar Equipment Credits

The necessary New York City Property Tax Abatement is known as a PTA4 “Property Tax Abatement Application and Agreement for Solar Energy Generating System”

Integrity Solar Solutions will supply all customers with the proper tax forms, including filling out the top sections pertaining to the solar system pricing and the amount of credits they are eligible for.

Get a full breakdown of the entire process including solar installation costs, tree shade analysis and explanation of all the tax incentives benefits for your home or business by calling 845-584-3100 and ask for John.


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