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Solar Railways

Did you know that one in four trains could run on direct supply thanks to solar panels?

According to, "The direct supply of solar energy to Indian Railway lines—without the need to connect via the grid—would save almost seven million tons of carbon a year."

And according to Indian Railways, from a report administered in 2019-20, approximately 8 billion passengers traveled by train over that time period. Now, about 2 billion passengers could very well travel on trains that are "directly powered by solar energy."

The Prime Minister, Modi, explained that railway electrification in the country is progressing quickly, and projects for Railways to have a net-zero carbon emitter by the year 2030. That is not too far off. states, "A mix of electrification, energy efficiency and a switch to renewable energy will be needed to enable this goal."

Do you think trains in United States should be powered by solar panels? Drop a comment below!


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