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Solar Power Pros

There are a surplus of benefits of solar power.

Did you know solar power is environmentally-friendly? It's true!

According to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, recently re-confirmed by Forbes, ..."using solar energy minimizes the amount of carbon and pollutants generated. That translates to cleaner air, fresher water and more environmental stability for future generations." And even better, we will not "run out" of solar panels or solar energy, for that matter, as we will one day of non-renewable energy resources such as oil and gas.

Solar energy saves money, plain and simple.

Sure, there are initial costs for installing solar panels, but before you know it, they can and will pay for themselves over time. It's a known fact now, that solar panels, if properly installed, can last an upwards of 25 years or more. Forbes reports that on average, "homeowners who install solar panels will break even between six and 10 years due to utility bill savings. From there on out, those savings can go straight to the bank." Now, that's good news for those who invest in the energy of the future!

And lastly, solar panels are low maintenance. Once solar panels are installed, a family, for instance, should not have to give them or the way they were installed much thought year after year. Depending on their location on the home and factors such as whether or not heavy branches or surplus of tree leaves are in the way at different times throughout the year, one of the "biggest" jobs you MAY have will be brushing them off the panels themselves. There's not much more to it.

For more information on solar panels, contact Integrity Solar Solutions today.


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