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Solar panels are not free.

Solar panels are not free.

There is a cost and we are working to change the way solar panels are sold and marketed. There is an initial outlay for the equipment and installation, but if you have sun exposure and a good roof shape/orientation then it can be worth it to make the initial investment. There are other factors that play into the cost of solar panels and how quickly you can get a financial return. And that's the key- to make sure there is a noticeable financial benefit to installing a system. If you plan to be in your home for at least another 3 years then we encourage you to call us for an evaluation and estimate. We can bundle in a roof and some tree removal if necessary with the solar project which will save money overall. Due to Covid precautions, it’s possible to do a zoom meeting instead. Call for general information.

About Integrity Solar

We provide solar estimates and quotes in Rockland County, Orange County and Northern New Jersey. We will also determine if you need a new roof replacement with the solar panels. We install commercial solar panels and residential solar panels. We can perform a solar estimate on-site at the commercial building or home. We can also do a rough design and assessment online using computer software. We offer the best solar panel installation services in the area and we are the highest rated on Google Reviews (5.0) Avg Review Rating. We also install Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station adapters with the solar panels if needed for our customers. Lastly, we can also bundle in other projects like roof replacement and tree removal if necessary.


If you would like an estimate for your home, give us a call at (845) 584-3100 or visit our website at


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