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Solar Meet Net Metering Part Two

In the past, we've thoroughly discussed net metering and how that works. So now, we will delve into more intricate ins and outs of the metering and reporting process.

A common question we here at Integrity Solar Solutions receives has to do about whether or not net metering actually affects a utility bill.

Net metering, honestly, makes solar systems "more valuable for" those who own a home, because down the line, you can actually "sell" extra energy your panels may produce back to your energy company or provider.

You can actually also earn credits for the excess energy produced. However, don't think you'll simply receive a check every month. Your energy company or provider will SUBTRACT the credits from your bills month over month.

If your net metering credits during one month, for instance, are somehow higher than your consumption, "the difference is rolled over to the next month".

And in other cases, energy providers will see to roll your credits over indefinitely; many, however, have an annual "expiration date" that can reset a credit balance queue.

For more information, contact Integrity Solar Solutions directly. We can assist you at the speed of light.

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