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Solar in Charlottesville

It may be easier for Virginians to go solar thanks to a non-profit.

According to NBC 12, “The Local Energy Alliance Program, or LEAP, is bringing back its Solarize Virginia program. It’s designed to help homeowners install solar panels quickly, and for a lower cost. Katie VanLangen, who is the Solarize Virginia program manager, says it’s possible because LEAP is buying in bulk.”

VanLangen is reported saying that solar costs can be overwhelming at times, so residents don’t opt for clean energy. Bulk pricing rates are then maneuvered for those who believe solar is too pricey. Once that is managed, VanLangen and her team receive discounted rates, which are later distributed to program participants.

“Each house that switches to solar energy is benefitting - both helping the city reach its climate goals, and also keeping money in your wallet,” Max Marcilla, journalist, writes. Residents will eventually see a drop in their energy bills and times throughout the year they’re generating an overabundance of electricity. The overage will then be sent to Dominion and credits will be distributed.

It really is a clean, executable and affordable process for all involved.


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