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Solar Energy in Poland

Saule Technologies, according to journalist Stanislaw Waszak, recently launched not only Poland's, but the world's FIRST "industrial production line of solar panels based on groundbreaking perovskite technology, which could revolutionise access to solar power."

Saule Technologies invented the pattern of making solar panels by inkjet printing. Olga Malinkiewicz is the founder and heads the current operation. Tech Xplore reports Malinkiewicz as saying, "We're scaling up, going from laboratory to production line."

And did you know that the innovative inkjet printing technology has been in the works for approximately 10 years? What has changed within the industry since then? We are experiencing, what is called a solar boom.

Long gone are the days when Poland used to rely on coal for its energy production. It's time for the country to cut its emissions significantly.


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