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Solar Energy and Microbes

According to The Guardian, "Combining solar power and microbes could produce 10 times more protein than crops such as soya beans." This system which integrates the usage of microbes, according to a recent study, would have little-to-no-impact on Mother Earth.

Livestock farming is detrimental to our planet. This new concept, however, "uses electricity from solar panels and carbon dioxide from the air to create fuel for microbes, which are grown in bioreactor vats and then processed into dry powders."

The end result? The byproduct is reported to be able to be deployed literally anywhere, not just in places that have a history of producing high levels of sun; even if land is unfertile, the byproduct can be utilized there, too.

According to journalist Damian Carrington, "Microbes are already used to make many common foods, such as bread, yoghurt" and beer. Supposedly, it's a hassle currently attempting to convert "consumers to eating microbial protein", as they know such foods may not be "nutritionally complete."

We must say this: People will eventually come around. There was a lot of hype once upon a time when, Burger King, for instance, introduced the Impossible Whopper - their plant-based hamburger. It will take time, but it will take off.

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