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Soaring Solar Panels

According to CNBC, solar panel growth is set to boom within the next three years.

Wood Mackenzie and Solar Energy Industries Association report, "In the first quarter, solar installations soared 46% to more than 5 gigawatts." America is now "on track to install 24.4 GW in 2021, which is an increase of approximately 24% since 2020...which we all know was a hard year all around.

The report shared both by Wood Mackenzie and Solar Energy Industries Association, on the one hand, reflects "robust demands from utilities and corporations seeking to meet greenhouse gas reduction goals." And on the other hand, it shares news of "declining costs for the technology that has made it competitive with power generated from fossil fuels."

And we all know of the debate that fossil fuels has caused in recent years.

Across the country, those who are in charge of solar energy projects and installation are said to be experiencing a "tight labor market that could become more constrained"...that is, if the federal incentives proposed are "linked to new labor requirements around wages or other benefits."

Can America pull through and be a leader in regard to solar panel installation and cleaner future for all?


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