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Renee & Sean Go Solar!

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

Congers, NY

I first had the pleasure of meeting Sean and Renee back in May, 2018. My team and I were in Congers, NY installing Bernard (Benny) & Marie Leto’s solar system. I thought it would be a great idea to introduce myself to some of the neighbors in his development. When I rang the doorbell, Sean answered and his immediate reaction was not exactly the warmest and I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t want to answer the door for a stranger either, however I’m extremely grateful that he did. I introduced myself and informed him that I was here representing Integrity Solar Solutions and that my team was just a couple houses down installing a 10kW solar system for his neighbors, Benny and Marie. Sean informed me they had only lived in the house for roughly a year and was already in a contract with Vivint Solar, a large nationwide solar company and that he wasn’t interested in hearing my offer. I told him that was great and thanked him for making the effort to go green. I went on to explain to Sean that we are a local solar company based out of New City, right around the corner. We chatted for a few minutes before he went on to tell me that although they were happy to go solar, he did have some concerns. He explained that he felt out of touch with Vivint Solar and that they didn't plan to install his system for another 5 months, therefore he wouldn’t have the ability to take advantage of summer time sunlight. I asked Sean if he could set aside 20 minutes the following week so that I can explain to him what makes Integrity Solar different from other companies and help address his solar concerns which he reluctantly agreed to.

I informed the Leto’s that I was going to be sitting down with their new neighbor’s the following week to discuss the solar program and see if there's any way we can help. The Leto's were also originally signed up with Vivint Solar before deciding to cancel the contract and move forward with Integrity Solar. Once I told Benny the O'dwyer's were also in a contract with Vivint Solar, he immediately suggested that I bring them over to his house to introduce them to the neighborhood and take the opportunity to show the quality of work we did for his home.

I had the pleasure of learning more about Sean and Renee while sitting down with them the following week. Sean is currently a New York City Police Officer stationed in the Bronx and Renee is a lawyer. I walked them over to Bernard’s house to which Bernard was nice enough to show the O’dwyer’s his inverter and his solar array. They spent a little less than an hour chatting, and even exchanged numbers to keep in touch.

After going over all the facts and figures, I was able to offer the O’dwyer’s a lower system cost, lower financing term, lower interest rate, and a system installation in less than 45 days! These facts were not the reason Sean and Renee ultimately canceled their current contract and signed up with Integrity. Sean and Renee admitted they felt more comfortable being that we are local, well informed, and had a customer service driven mission statement that aligned very well with their goals and expectations.

Since then, 3 more homeowners in that same development have gone solar with us! Sean and Renee have since referred us to several coworkers and friends. They were even kind enough to write us an excellent review on our facebook page:

We were already under contract with a larger nationwide company when John from Integrity came by our house. He sat down with us and was a gentleman and a professional. Where the Other Guy from the nationwide company had been a slick salesman, John was very down-to-earth and super comfortable to talk to. He got us out of our contract with the Other Guy and got us a better system with newer, more advanced panels at almost half the price, and his timeline for completion was SIX MONTHS less than the Other Guy. The installation staff and engineers were consummate professionals, courteous and hard working, and the system is working better than John had anticipated. If you're looking to go solar, Integrity is the way to go. I would recommend them to everyone, without hesitation.”


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