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Reasons to Install Solar Panels

The country and world around us are trying to adapt a newer, cleaner energy that, of course, will hold many benefits in the long run.

So, why are solar panels so important? Let Integrity Solar Solutions count the ways...

1. You can receive federal tax rebates and credits! According to The Environmental Magazine, "...Your solar panels technically pay you because, at first, you get a 30% payback of total system costs from both equipment and installation." What we just shared constitutes ad a federal income tax credit during tax season.

2. Save on your energy bills. Sometimes, bills can reach sky-high numbers and homeowners get sick of it, paying them year after year. With a solar home installation, bills can be reduced over time; power grids become less of a concern, as people begin to harvest their own sources of energy.

3. Increase your home's price significantly. Your home - old, new or renovated - may become more valuable should you decide to install solar panels. According to The Environmental Magazine, "...Installing a home solar system is one of the best and stress-free ways to make a considerable investment in your property."

And last but not least...

4. You may qualify for no money down financing. Sometimes, when you purchase solar panels and installation, you may opt-in to a no upfront cost payment situation. You may be able to finance your solar panels, or lease them by utilizing a monthly payment plan.

For more information, contact Integrity Solar Solutions today.


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