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Power to Milwaukee

Recently, the announcement of a brand new solar energy system coming to Milwaukee was shared.

The project will be 9 acres and located at a landfill near the well-known Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport. What a great way to take advantage of land that is no longer being used!

According to the environmental sustainability director of Milwaukee, Erick Shambarger, “It's [this project is] helping the community meet its power demands and we're doing it in a cleaner, more environmentally friendly way.”

And during a recent press conference, Milwaukee’s mayor stated that the latest addition to the city’s project was definitely a win-win for the planet, for starters, but also for Milwaukee’s residents. According to our sources, the project will NOT be paid for by the city’s taxpayers.

According to WTMJ-TV, Mayor Barrett said that the We Energies company would be providing an annual lease payment to Milwaukee of approximately $90,000.00; the funds will be used for additional environmental battles such as fighting the uphill battle that is climate change.

Do you feel that more cities around the country should introduce projects similar to what Milwaukee is doing?


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