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Oklahoma Solar Panels

It’s been reported that residents in the great state of Oklahoma are now switching to solar energy.

Rolling blackouts of the recent past are worrying Oklahomans and, according to Fox 25, they’re ready to “take power back into their own hands, or more specifically, their own roofs.” Mr. J.W. Peters, Solar Power of Oklahoma owner, stated, “Now that costs are coming up people are really kind of starting to look for alternatives.”

Peters also thinks that the recent uptick in interest regarding solar farms – which took place in March and April of this year – is due in part to the pandemic. People are home more often.

Fox 25 mentions that cost varies per solar energy customer, but the average solar panel system is estimated to cost approximately $20,000. There are financing options available and some panels can even be leased and paid back over time.

Fox 25 says, “Most customers can save nearly 50% on energy costs throughout the lifetime of their system.”


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