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NYC Fire Fighters install Solar!

Integrity Solar helped Hector Lopez (Warwick, NY), a NYC Fire Fighter go solar in the middle of 2021. The current roof on Hector’s new home was over 20 years old and needed to be replaced before he could install solar panels. Integrity Solar replaced the entire roof and installed a brand-new solar system within 60 days of signing up.

Since then, two more NYC Fire Fighters have been referred to Integrity Solar by Hector including Luis Pena (Greenwood Lake, NY), and Xavier Berenguer (Highland Mills, NY.) Xavier was a recent home buyer and also needed a roof replacement in order to install solar panels on his roof. Integrity Solar was able to help with the entire project, and his installation was also completed within 60 days of signing up. Both Luis & Xavier will be receiving a 26% Federal Tax Credit for the project for their solar panel project.

For more Information on roof replacement as well as a quote for solar panels for your home please call (845) 584-3100 x1.


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