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Luxury Solar Panels

Meet Sipps Maswanganyi who is, according to Bloomberg, a safari professional with over 20 years of experience under their belt.

They recall listening to some buffalo one time, and which vehicle they were in as they experienced the once-in-a-lifetime event. Maswanganyi is the head guide at Cheetah Plains, which is a "luxury outfit in South Africa’s Sabi Sands Game Reserve".

The reason Maswanganyi's vivid memory is so important is because had his team been in a noiser vehicle, they would have missed the experience completely, "not hearing a thing".

Japie van Niekerk confirms that the team decided to offer an all-electric fleet of vehicles, according to Bloomberg. All-electric vehicles are better for the enviroment as well as offer a quieter safari riding experience. Japie van Niekerk exclaimed that going from gas-powered trucks to the new ones was the right thing to do. "We are guests in nature, so why leave a footprint when we can be silent and blend in?” they said.

Did you know that van Niekerk is listed as one in approximately 12 or so "adapters" of using all-electric vehicles? Sustainable travel - as the idea of cars running on renewable energy - which also includes solar panels, is becoming more widely accepted and popular.

More and more safari owners would like to spend their budgets on renewable resources. That's what we love to hear.


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