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Introducing Sandwich Structure

Are you a solar panel connoisseur? Would you like to be able to hold solar panel prototypes of the future in the palm of your hand?

According to SciTechDaily, "The design of next-generation solar panels can now be improved thanks to a greater fundamental understanding of the structure within a key component."

And Australian researchers are the ones to have developed such an innovation. SciTechDaily stated that 2D films - which are extremely thin - are used in "some perovskite solar cells" which resemble a delicious sandwich. "Perovskite is an exciting material at the forefront of solar energy research and design.

But, why 2D material? What's so special about it? Truthfully, according to research, it's much more sturdy and durable than other materials.

And why are these innovative cells called a "sandwich"? Once layer represents a bread and the other represents a filling. It's simple.

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