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How will 5G Networks Affect Solar Panels?

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

How Solar Panels are Currently Monitored and Controlled with 4G

Within the next couple months of 2022, cellular networks like AT&T and Verizon will be rolling out their new 5G network. This will have an impact on solar panels because many modern solar panel systems are now monitored and can even be controlled and updated via the cellular network. SolarEdge monitoring systems, for example, use the current 4G T-Mobile network to send power data, notifications, system alerts and diagnostics to solar installers to ensure installed solar panels are working efficiently. Currently, data is sent every few hours or every few days using the slower 4G network depending on the service area.

What will 5G Do Better?

With the upcoming 5G upgrade to the cellular network, solar panel systems will now have much faster response times, faster data uploads, faster software updates and will be able to more quickly integrate upcoming technologies to your solar panel inverter system like battery management, smart home features and much more. The result will be a more efficient home energy system with less downtime, less upload time and more energy credits for you and your home. Years ago, solar wireless technology was used only to monitor the solar panel system. Now with all the new technology being created, you will be able to monitor and also control all your new systems like your Solar Electric Vehicle Charger or your Solar Home Battery Backup system.

The Solar EV Charging Station with 'Solar Boost Technology' can be controlled from your app using 5G:

The Solar Energy Bank can be managed on your app using 5G:

View of the APP view where you can manage your battery, heating systems and charging stations:

More Information

Integrity Solar Solutions, based in New City NY is a certified SolarEdge installer. They are now installing the new 5G SolarEdge monitoring kit (a $380 value) included with every home solar panel installation. For more information on Home Solar Panel Systems and all the other technology associated like the integrated EV charger with mobile app., please call 845-584-3100.

If you are a current customer and would like to upgrade to the new 5G Solar Network please email with your name and system ID to schedule a service call.

Integrity Solar Solutions

28 New Hempstead Road, Suite F

New City NY, 10956



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