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How Much Greener Can a Green Farmer Get

According to our source, Clean Technica, “…the biggest agrivoltaic research project in the US is taking shape in Colorado in and around an array of solar panels, meaning they are not going to plant a bed of gravel under the solar panels.” But guess what they will be planted instead? Plants!

“Jack’s Solar Garden” in Boulder County (we love it!), Colorado will be the hub of solar energy and delicious food that Mother Earth will provide for all living creatures.

Tina Casey, journalist, states that in 2019 – not too long ago – “Jack’s Solar Garden” – a family-owned farm – won an NREL award to serve as the site for what will be known as one of the larges agrivoltaic research project in America. Colorado State University will run desktop/field studies as the project progresses.

At first, the project proposal included greenery to be planted, which were non-edible. Clean Technica states that now, as modest as the proposal was originally, it has led to the 1-acre land being planted with an array of vegetables. The acre will also include space for rainwater distribution systems which will leverage runoff from the…guess what?! panels!

And as we’ve discussed in the past, solar panels – especially semi-transparent ones – won’t hinder vegetation growth. Tell us again why more cities around the country aren’t as cool as Colorado?


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