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How Long Does A Solar Install Take?

A solar installation is comprised of 2 aspects:

  • The DC Side - Roof installation and wiring

  • The AC Installation - The electrical service connections and components

Typically, your average roof installation takes 1 full day to complete both parts of the installation. Larger systems (above 10 kw) or homes with a steep pitch (40 degrees) may take an additional day. Most of the work is done outside but there is some wiring work that must be done inside the home to connect your system to your service panel.

Currently with the Coronavirus pandemic, we are conducting online evaluations and scheduling the installations for later this summer. If you would like to get some information now and for a summer installation, please schedule an online appointment so that we can get you all the proper information and estimates for your home.

CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment today!

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14 de out. de 2021

If you hire a roof repair expert then it's would be done in just two days.

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