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How Do Solar Tax Credits Work?

The Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC)

With solar panels you can create you're electricity, bank utility credits, use green renewable energy and save a ton on your utility bill. Did you know there are major tax incentives available that can help you get a new roof and also tree work? The IRS pays for 26% of your solar system in the form of a Federal Income Tax Credit. This is a dollar-for-dollar return on your solar investment. It is not just lowering your taxable income. This is a physical reimbursement of your federal tax dollars from the US government. You have up to 5 years to claim the full amount of that you are eligible.

What else can you include in your project and receive tax credits on?

Other projects can be included that we can tie into the solar panels including tree work and roof replacement. Which are very common projects done together. In fact, half of our customers choose to install a new shingle roof along with the solar panels. We can coordinate and warranty the entire project for you.

Take Advantage of What is Still Available​

Take advantage of all the credits and incentives associated with solar panels. Inquire with us about removing trees, replacing your shingle roof (we use GAF HD Lifetime shingles) as well.

Get a Solar, Roof and Tree Assessment in One Visit​

We have references and reviews from our current customers on how simple and easy we make these projects. Inquire now 845-584-3100 and ask for John.

There's more information on our website about this:


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