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Former Coal Mines to Solar Energy

In Wise County, Virginia, residents are ready to take formerly used land and turn it into solar farms. They're ready to repurpose, reuse and recycle.

The targeted land are former coal mines.

According to News Channel 11, "Five different sites in Wise County are designated to become utility-scale farms over the next few years."

Reporter Kaylyn Kluck states that the massive undertaking was initiated by the Nature Conservancy. The Conservancy "manages the Cumberland Forest Project" and has a reach as far as Eastern Tennessee and Eastern Kentucky.

What better way to bring some clean energy to the state while not bringing harm or any danger to the land's wildlife?

Our sources confirmed that a project of this nature will take approximately three years. Construction will kickoff with an initial time frame of up to 12 months, leading to the installation of a solar farm that could be "operational for at least 35 years."


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