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Floating Solar Panels for the Win

According to EuroNews, “The largest floating solar park outside of Asia has 73,000 solar panels, 13 transformers and 388 inverters. It was built last year on an 18-hectare artificial lake close to Zwolle in the Netherlands. It’s part of the high-tech eco-revolution sitting in the heart of nature.”

Andrea Buring, journalist, states the floating solar park produces approximately 6 percent of the energy for Zwolle. She continues to say, “The project to create it was led by BayWa r.e,” which is a European provider of solar power. BayWa r.e is a German operation and researches “renewable energy solutions that can make use of otherwise untapped resources.”

Unfortunately, as in most proposed solar projects, cost is a major factor and concern.

EuroNews in conjunction with Huawei report that BayWa r.e and its partners are the first ones to generate solar power that will cost equal to or at times, less than what coal or gas costs.

That is a major economic step in the proper direction.

In order for the solar park to fully thrive, however, it must be built efficiently and assured to be durable long-term.


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