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Congers Family Chose to Purchase rather than Lease their Solar System

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Congers, NY


Bernard (Benny) and Marie Leto, long time Congers residents looked into the benefits of going solar back in 2018. Benny met with several companies including SunRun Solar before receiving a solar quote from Integrity Solar. The majority of these Solar installers were offering Benny and Marie a $0 money down leasing option for a 20-to-25-year term.

I sat down with Benny in March 2018 and explained the differences between owning your solar system vs leasing your solar system and that Integrity Solar has partnered with a third-party Member FDIC Lender that will allow us to offer the Leto’s $0 down, $0 out of pocket financing to own their home solar system.

By owning their solar system, the Leto's qualified for a Federal Tax Credit in the amount of $7,500.

John explained the entire process and the bottom line is he made me feel comfortable. I had no idea I could own my system. Anytime you need them they will come help you, they aren’t like any other company. I tell John all the time to have other homeowners call me and I’ll tell them myself.” – Bernard Leto

Since being commissioned in May 2018, Benny's system has generated over 43,000kWh!

Call 845-584-3100 to find out if your home or business qualifies for a solar installation.


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