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Aqualite of the Future

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s... SO MUCH MORE!

Have you heard of the Aqualite? According to BoingBoing, it is a water jug...and hydrating oneself is very important. “However,” as BoingBoing puts it, “the Aqualite is also a whole lot more than just a way to carry your liquids. While it’s a great little water bottle, this collapsible silicone rubber utility player has a laundry list of abilities.”

The best ability of this contraption is that it also doubles as a solar powered batteries required.

Aqualite, being powered by solar energy, can also “throw light” with different modes it holds and can even charge your phone.

Solar panels really do save the day, if you think about it. And in our opinion, they can do so much more.


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