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a new milestone in solar panel efficiency

Solar Panels

A big announcement was made today by a company called JinkoSolar. The Photovoltaic and Wind Power Systems Quality Test Center at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) were conducting tests on the new solar panel. The test results showed that Jinko's solar cell achieved a record high 24.2% efficiency. In comparison the next most efficient solar cell is only 22.2% efficient.

JinkoSolar has achieved this efficiency due to their breakthrough in TOPcon (Tunnel Oxide Passivated Contact) This is a new way to manufacture solar panels. Where a very thin oxide layer is put into the silicon cell. This layer helps with efficiency as well as recombination losses. The other technology that helps JinkoSolar achieve such high efficiency is their "HOT" cell design. This design has tunnel oxide passivating contact technology, this coupled with JinkoSolar high quality parts and advanced fine-line printing has allowed them to reach 24.2% efficiency throughout their entire product.

This is a huge breakthrough in solar technology and shows us the path to more efficient solar panels in the future. If you would like to read the original article head over to


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