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New York's commitment to solar

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

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Installing solar panels

New City, NY

Communities in Central New York have just completed 242 high impact clean energy actions. This is all thanks to The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority's Clean Energy Community Program.

This program was initiated in 2016 by Governor Cuomo, it allotted $16 million to support local government. The program provides grants to municipalities so that they may carry out renewable energy and sustainable development projects throughout their communities. By the year 2030 New York state has to have at least 50% of its energy come from renewable sources. This is so that they meet the Clean Energy Standard mandate implemented by the governors Reforming the Energy (REV) strategy.

The good news for solar is that solar project costs have been reduced through joint purchasing. Financing Programs have also been established to help bring more affordable solar power to commercial buildings and non profits. And the final action was approving solar projects though New York State's Unified Solar Permit.

Alicia Barton, president and CEO of The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority had this to say about the recent advancements. “This announcement marks another important milestone in New York’s efforts to deploy more renewable and efficient energy programs while reducing consumer energy costs under the leadership of Governor Cuomo, and demonstrates the impact individuals and municipalities can make by coming together to create a more sustainable future,”

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