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Why Do So Many Solar Companies Have Bad Reviews?

New City, NY

So why do so many solar companies have bad reviews? When you look online and are researching solar panels you will see that many companies are littered with 1 or 2 star reviews. Here in this article we will explain 3 reasons why so many solar companies have bad reviews!

1. The Solar Panels are Installed on a Roof that is Shaded or Not Good Orientation

It's very common for a company or a solar technician to wrongly estimate the amount of sun light a home receives. Also sometimes companies will just put the panels on the roof to get a project without considering tree removal or without properly estimating the sun exposure using the proper tools (like an Aurora Shade report). Therefore when the system has been on for several years, the customer realizes the panels are not producing an adequate amount of energy that the house actually needs.

2. The Rep Incorrectly Estimates the Rebates or Tax Credits

When going solar, there are several tax credits and rebates available to customers that reduce the overall cost (like buying an electric car they lay out the tax credit, the avoided cost of gas etc.). Though for solar each system and each home has a different amount of tax credits depending on how many solar panels and what the overall cost of the materials and labor will be. Very often this is not properly done. Also, the customer has to have the tax appetite to be able to use the tax credit within 1-3 years, otherwise it won't be worth it.

3) The Solar Panels are Installed Badly on the Roof

Crooked solar panel setup, electrical conduit on the roof, electrical junction boxes on the roof, sometimes wire dangling from the roof...these are just some reasons why the panels could not be installed well on your roof. The aesthetics and appearance of the solar panels is extremely important because when you sell your home, you want the panels to increase the value of your home with functionality (electricity savings) AND also with looks. The panels have to look good on the roof. Some of the ways to improve the looks of the panels is to pay attention to little details like hiding pipe under the panels, making sure to neatly clip and tie all the wires behind the panels, adding black frames all around the panels. We understand that to some, the panels will still look 'ugly' but there are ways to make the panels look better, more symmetrical, and more like black glass on your roof which could look pretty cool. Check out some of installations on our website:


There you have it. These are 3 reasons why some customers may not be happy with their solar installation. Here at Integrity Solar Solutions, we treat your home like ours and do our best to make the panels look as aesthetically pleasing on your roof as possible while also performing great and producing a ton of electricity for your home!

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