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What Happens during a solar estimate?

There are many advertisements and solicitations for homeowners to schedule a no obligation solar estimate for their home however there’s not much information to explain what this entails.

Customer Goals & Challenges

The main priority for the solar estimate is to first learn more about the property and determine what is most important to the homeowner. This information will assist us in finding out if solar is a good fit.

Utility Bill Review

The second step would be to review and analysis a recent electrical bill. Why? Since solar production numbers are based off an annual cycle, the consultant will need to determine how much electricity the home purchases from the power grid over the course of one full year. This will tell us how many solar panels you need, and what percentage of your electrical charges the solar panels can offset.

We will also use the utility bill to calculate the rate you are currently being charged for the energy you buy from the utility. With this information, we can accurately predict what your estimated savings will be should you decide to go solar.

Overview of the Process

It’s very important to understand the physical process of solar, the components included in a system, who is responsible for the warranties and insurance of the system, how the energy generated by your solar system will benefit you, what tax incentives and rebates you qualify for, and how the system will be funded. Other questions that will be answered may be: Who files the permit? How do I know if my roof can support the solar panels? Are there any inspections? What happens after the installation of the system? Does the utility company need to be made aware of my solar system?

Customized Design

We will then design a customize solar system using the most optimal real estate on your roof.

Financial Breakdown & Savings Estimate

Finally, we will review the financials for the project and review all the available options. The size of your solar system will determine the price, how much of your energy bill we can reduce, and how much money you would be saving each month.

If you would like an estimate for your home, give us a call at (845) 584-3100 or visit our website at


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