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Solar Windows Galore

Journalist Ryan Kennedy reports on which companies have produced solar energy-generating windows. They're amazing and have flexible surfaces, among other other-worldly features.

According to PV Magazine, "Buildings account for nearly 40% of global energy use and contribute about 40% of greenhouse gas emissions on our planet. What’s more, global building stock is expected to double in area by 2060."

So, what's the next best step to take beyond filling empty spaces around the world with solar panels? eventually, room will run out... So, why not create photovoltaic windows and install them in buildings?

NEXT Energy Technologies is just one company that produces transparent photovoltaic coatings for windows that ultimately turn "commercial windows" into energy-making solar panels.

SolarWindow Technologies is another tech-forward company. They're responsible for Liquid Electricity, which is "a transparent and lightweight material" that is meant to adhere to a piece of glass, or plastic.

And finally, SolarGaps put its hat in the ring as well. "Rather than electrifying windows," PV Magazine states, "it developed blinds integrated with photovoltaics." Its blinds are said to automatically track the sun's cycle, which in turn will produce energy and can also keep a building cool.


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