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New Jerseys Largest Solar Field holds grand opening

solar panel field
New Jersey's Largest Solar Field

On Thursday January 10th DSM North America unveiled its expanded solar field, the field is located in Belvidere. The field is nestled in 66 acres, and is currently the largest net metered solar install at 20.2-MW in New Jersey and the second largest on the east coast. The field is made up of over 62,000 panels and annually it will produce around 25,000,000 kWh of clean renewable energy.

Before this expansion the solar field only consisted of 20 acres, this is expansion has tripled its size and power output by adding 42,000 solar panels and 46 acres to the solar field. By doing this the peak production of energy is larger than DSM facilities consumption. The excess solar power will be sent back to the grid.

Hugh Welsh president and general counsel of DSM North America had this to say about why they did these expansions. “The newly expanded solar field is part of DSM’s commitment to doing well by doing good for both our communities and our environment. It will minimize our impact on the planet through clean, renewable energy and allow for sending enough green energy back to the grid to power 406 homes for a year. At DSM we are proud to do our part to move the state of New Jersey and our country toward a clean energy future.”

DSM is a part of the RE100 initiative, their goal is that for all their global be powered by 100% renewable electricity. If you wish to continue reading more about DSM and other companies commitment to renewable energy go give the original article a read at


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