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Mexican Solar Energy

Imagine equipping boats with solar panels. This is a - or will be - a reality for rowers in Mexico City, Mexico soon.

Those who row on Lake Xochimilco will "soon equip their boats with solar powered 'nanobubble' aeration pumps in order to clean the heavily polluted lake as they guide tourists through its network of pre-Hispanic canals."

Tucson Sentinel states that professionals at Mexico's Center for Research and Advanced Studies designed the 'nanobubble' aeration pumps in order to oxygenate water. This involved process will rid the water of built-up greenhouse gases. Tucson Sentinel also reported, "The treatment also mitigates conditions that lead to harmful algal blooms and invasive aquatic plant species, such as the common water hyacinth".

"Nanobubbles" will make Mexico's water cleaner and clearer, which will then therefore reduce the amount of pathogens and organic contaminants.

Tucson Sentinel reports that Dr. Refugio Rodríguez Vázquez and her team of experts applied for permits and patents and now are awaiting approval on over 20 tourist boats to be equipped with the new solar technology.


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