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Local means focused attention to our customers

Clarkstown, NY

Local means focused attention to our customers. It's one of the reasons why Integrity Solar is so well reviewed and is the highest rated installer in the region. This Spring we will be installing a second home solar installation for one of our customers. Their first solar installation was for their previous home, 5 years ago. Recently, they moved into a new home in Rockland County and we will be doing a second solar installation for their new home! He was able to sell his old home with solar panels and even helped to increase the value of the sale due to the clean and very cheap energy that is used to power that home. So this Spring, if you are looking to install solar panels, to replace your roof or do some tree work, please reach out to us and make sure to get estimates. We can help with any of these projects. (roofs and trees may be included in the clean energy program). We are located in CLARKSTOWN and serve Rockland, Orange and Bergen County NJ.


Office: (845) 584-3100 Ext 1 (ask for John)

28 New Hempstead Road

New City NY, 10956

Serving NY and NJ


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