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How Do Solar Panels Save You Money?

We all look for different ways to save money. But have you considered Solar as one of those options? Solar panels can help you save money in many different ways.

The first step is to measure how effective your roof will be with solar panels and to identify the best roofs and angles to install your solar system. #IntegritySolar Solutions can help you with this as they have tools available that can measure your daily sunlight and effectiveness of the panels on your roof.

When your solar panels are installed, integrity solar solutions registers your system with your local utility company. Each company has it’s own set of paperwork which is handled by your solar project manager.

Your local utility company will then come out and switch out your current utility meter with what is a called a ‘NET METER’. This is a meter than can count your energy that your solar panels make.

Using this information, your utility company will credit you on your utility bill for any production that you make. This means that the more electricity that your make with your solar panels, the more you will save on your bill. It is possible to cover 100% of your electric bill, but that will depend on how effective your home is for solar panels. Not all homes may be a good fit for solar.

CLICK HERE to learn more about how solar can save you money or you can schedule an appointment today with John, our solar expert.


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