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Family recommendations save thousands

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Saddle Brook, NJ - Vincent Maniscalco, from Chester New York went solar with Integrity Solar Solutions a couple years ago. Since then, Vinny has helped roughly 10 homeowners go solar simply by talking to friends, family, and neighbors about his positive experience with Integrity Solar Solutions.

One of the individuals Vinny spoke to was his nephew James Maniscalco, who lives in Saddle Brook New Jersey with his wife Monica and their two children. At the time, James was in a contract with Momentum Solar, a leading installer in New Jersey & New York. Vinny highly recommended that James consult with Integrity Solar for a second opinion. James agreed, and we sat down in April 2018 to review his contract. It turned out that James was in a 25-year program with Momentum Solar where he would end up paying over $50,000 by the end of the term. Additionally, he would be forfeiting his 30% Federal Tax Credit as well as all his SREC’s (Solar Renewable Energy Credits).

I showed James an option for him to fully finance the solar system for absolutely no money down, and no money out of pocket. This program enabled James to own his system therefore he would directly benefit from the 30% Federal Tax Credit and would receive all his SREC’s. Additionally, we were able to offset a larger part of the utility bill by using a more efficient solar panel than Momentum Solar. James’ system was installed in under 45 days and has been collecting clean, renewable energy for the past 7 months.

So far, this 32 panel Solar System has saved James and his family just under $1,000 since being turned on in June, 2018.

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Paul Baluyut
Paul Baluyut
Jan 10, 2019

The system created $950 in solar revenue in 6 months- that is great.

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