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AN autonomous solar maintenance tractor is being developed

A solar field needs to be constantly maintained

As the ever expanding solar farm industry grows a new way to maintain is being developed. Renu Robotics is investing in a multi use autonomous tractor. The company is based out of San Antonio, Texas and is already developing a prototype. This prototype would perform daily vegetation maintenance, spray for insects, clean panels as well as inspect them. This will ensure that the panels are running at peak performance. These tractors will save solar companies an estimated 30-50% on their maintenance costs.

The way the robotic tractors work is that they all have GPS and maps of the surrounding area. In order to detect hazards the tractors are also equipped with a myriad of sensors such as ultrasonic and lidar. These sensors can help determine direction, speed, position, and nearby water. The tractors other sensors help it run non stop, they monitor the temperature, humidity, and the tractors acceleration. Once the sun sets the tractor returns to its docking bay where maintenance can be performed if needed. The best part of the tractor is that it is autonomous and solar powered.

“The initial prototype came together beautifully and we are projecting performance that will exceed expectations. We’re excited about the prospects of the RenuBot maintenance tractor and plan to have tractors maintaining solar farms later this year.”,” said Tim Matus, president and CEO. If you would like to read the original article head over to


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