White Plains Installs Solar Panels

The push for a more sustainable future comes to White Plains!

Over 1,000 reported solar panels is coming to New York and we’re over-the-moon excited…about the news and our earth’s future.

This historic moment we are all experiencing here in the United States has been a long time coming. Ten years ago, a process was started, which promised residents an easier time should they choose to have solar panels installed on their homes. Unfortunately, in 2011, only a small number of families took the state up on their offer. But, the community is evolving.

According to Tony Aiello, by the year 2030, “the percentage of electricity generated by renewables must triple from 23% to 70%.” But, that’s a challenge and the Cuomo administration has already set an “aggressive mandate”.

Over 1,000 solar panels are set to collect the sun’s resources. The panels will then take that energy and insert it through inverter boxes, which, according to Tony Aiello, then go into the Con Edison power grid.

“The city is leasing space at eight additional properties to a solar company, bringing in almost $1 million in revenue and creating 7 megawatts of electricity a year.”

More cities around the country should be following White Plains’ lead. If you’re in the market for solar panel installation, Integrity Solar Solutions can assist faster than the speed of light.