To Rent or Buy Solar Panels

Integrity Solar Solutions has discussed several times how you, as a homeowner, can save money annually on energy bills simply by switching to solar power.

And by implementing a solar system into your home, energy saved is energy earned. Confirmed by CNET, costs of installing solar systems are falling significantly. And when you decide whether or not you want to choose a solar service, you also get to choose whether or not you want to rent or buy.

The first thing we ask you to do is some research. Here at Integrity Solar Solutions, we can assist you in determining whether or not your home’s roof has the proper amount of slope for a solar system installation. Does your home also get enough sunlight in its current location? These are items to think about before calling the professionals.

While renting solar panels is an option, downright purchasing solar panels is also a great goal to have in mind.

We’ve also explained in depth that if you own a solar installation, you may be eligible for a tax credit. And what about energy certificates? CNET states, “Electric companies must source some of their own power from renewable energy sources. Therefore, you can end up making money on these certificates by selling the renewable energy produced by the solar panels.”

And who doesn’t like to earn credits or extra income?

What we’re saying is, trust the experts. Integrity Solar Solutions is able to assist at the speed of light.