The Power of the Future

Have you heard of “clean energy” and “sustainability”? Odds are, you’ve interacted with those popular phrases on more than one occasion, especially within the past few weeks now that the United States is back in the “green” game.

One exceedingly popular form of clean energy that goes hand-in-hand with sustainable living is the solar panel. The earth’s sun is a very powerful energy source and we have the technology to harness it for the greater good. Unfortunately, time is running out as fossil fuels are depleting at an alarming rate. So, what do we, as humans, do?


Businesses, homeowners and yes, even farmers are taking advantage of solar energy and giving the sun some much needed rest. Panels, flagpoles, heaters, lampposts and even heaters are being installed not just nationally, but globally. People are catching onto the fact that a planet that saves energy is a happy planet.

So, readers, with that, here are some notable advantages to having a solar power system right in your very own backyard:

1. Solar panels have and will keep our precious environment clean in many ways.

2. By installing solar panels, more jobs will be created on a global level, therefore strengthening economies for years to come.

3. By having just one solar panel on a building, that structure’s worth will increase in value over time.

4. A town, city or state that believes in and follows through on installing solar panels will cut down its pollutant output. Its atmosphere will decrease in carbon dioxide, for instance.

So, who’s ready for an environmental revolution? We sure are.