Solar Power Stations

Residents in southern India – Kerala – were considerably concerned with the future of power. They wondered if solar energy was the answer to their problems.

“Would solar panels produce enough energy in order for us to survive? Are they expensive? Would there be negative long-term effects should the grid go down?” were just some of the questions communities pondered.

World Economic Forum reports that Kerala hopes to convince its residents to switch to the power of the future – solar power. A new solar rooftop program is set to launch in January, which is “aimed at curbing carbon emissions and cutting the state’s reliance” on power that is imported.

Introducing to you, the Soura (Sun) project: This will aim to install the power of the future – solar panels – onto over 75,000 houses; this “will contribute 350 megawatts (MW) to the state’s grid,” Thomas Reuters Foundation states.

In the recent past, approximately 20,000 residents have added solar panels during a first pass of the initiative.