Solar Panels and Pollinators

What do solar panels have to do with pollination?

It’s been proven that extra shade created by solar panel positioning now increases an overabundance of flowers under the panels themselves, hence delaying timing on floral blooms. Isn’t that fascinating?

The study, according to Lancaster Farming, “believed to be the first look at the impact of solar panels on flowering plants and insects, had implications for solar developers who manage the land under panels, as well as agriculture and pollinator health advocates who are seeking land for pollinator habitat restoration.”

North Carolina, Vermont, Virginia and other states have now implemented strict guidelines and incentives to promote positive solar installation.

Oregon State research assistants are on the hunt for an answer regarding whether or not they can flip the script on having solar panels being limiting to plant growth.

Oregon State University states, “Pollinating insects aid in the reproduction of 75% of flowering plant species and 35% of crop species globally.”