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Solar Installation: 10,700 Sqft Home

Integrity Solar Solutions recently installed a 56 panel solar panel system for a large, 10,700 sqft home in New City. The solar panel system was designed to offset a $1200 electric bill. The home is listed as a 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom house with 5 (five) HVAC units to keep the home cool. The customer, Dr. Nnamdi also combined a roof project (to replace half of his roof) and a tree work project, to remove some trees and allow for more efficient solar production.

Have you considered solar panels for your home? Do you have an older roof or trees that can shade your home? Because of the current solar tax credits, now is an ideal time to do roof and tree work combined with the solar project. To have a preliminary discussion about a potential project with us, please call John at 845-584-3100 (extension 1).

Google 'Integrity Solar NY' to read reviews and learn about some of our past customers' experience with us, especially the ones that have now had solar for several years.

845-584-3100 (extension 1)

28 New Hempstead Road, Suite F

New City NY, 10956

Serving NY and NJ


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