Solar Farmland Regulations

How far is too far when it comes to protecting farmland? Do we, as a society, really think that solar panels are eyesores?

Imagine it: Solar panels are strategically strewn around farmland owned by Barber Bros. Dairy Farm. But in Moreau, a looming Town Board is spinning its wheels on how to best regulate solar farms.

According to Kathleen Moore, journalist, there are limitations to installing solar farms on actual farmland. “Those limitations include banning solar panels on prime farmland, which some Town Board members say is too restrictive,” Moore states.

Sure, every square inch of farmland is precious, but should it be protected? According to Moore, the plan – currently in the works – should be amended to emphasize the protection of said farmland.

Solar panel groups are generally installed in groups of approximately 200 at a time and they are to be removed within 40 years. And although they are being labeled as temporary structures, Zoning Administrator, Jim Martin, says that they should actually be seen as semi-permanent.

40 years is quite a long time, but think about how much good will come from each and every panel installed. Should more farmland be converted into solar farmland?