Solar Energy Interconnection Part Two

As you’ve read in our last article, Integrity Solar Solutions can and will assist in:

- Net Metering - Net Consumption

So, let’s dive right in!

Last time, we mentioned that solar power systems and electric systems work together. This a process called net metering. Net metering is a system where “solar panels, or other renewable energy generators, are connected to a public-utility power grid and surplus power is transferred onto the grid, allowing customers to offset the cost of power drawn from the utility.”

Come evening and nighttime or, as we mentioned in our last piece, days which are cloudy or rainy, you’ll require electricity from a grid to allow the proper equipment to function. Suppliers in this equation are those who have PV systems that produce power in excess, which in turn, flow into the electric system. And the process of measuring this flow, which occurs in two directions, requires a “net meter” according to PSE&G.

You may also be interested in a utility rate structure, which is where net metering comes into play. You may be able to sell your collected excess solar energy that a home or business does not use back to a grid itself. Solar panels – the future of energy – produce the most energy midday and at a time where a building uses less energy than most times.

Net consumption is the difference between amounts of electricity drawn when your PV system isn’t meeting household or business needs as well as the total amount exported when solar panels produce excess electricity to meet every day needs.

If you have any further questions or need advice when it comes to solar energy, solar panels or interconnection, choose Integrity Solar Solutions. We’ll assist you at the speed of light.